Sunday, October 4, 2009

New kitten & the taping of COPS at a truck stop

One of the little boys on my bus told me his cat had lots of kittens and wanted me to have one. Of course I coudln't refuse that. Especially when I found out that they were going to take the kittens they couldn't find a home for to the pound. I took Will with me to look at the kittens and he held them and when I gave him the third little girl kitten he smiled and when I took her away he started to cry and point at her. He had picked out his kitten. We ended up naming her Chelsey. Right now Sasha & Dakota are unsure of her and keeping their distance but I have a feeling they will come around. Stanley says it took Dakota 3 days to accept Sasha when we got her last summer. Will absolutely adores her! I was holding her and at first I thought he was jealous that I wasn't giving him attention. Boy was I wrong - he wanted the kitten - not me! LOL. He actually even says "Kid-dee" now. He really is my son!

Today (Sunday Oct 4th 2009) Stanley was driving thru Indianapolis so Will and I went down to see him. When we were almost there Stanley said cops were all over the place at the Pilot Truck Stop he was at and for us to park at the Omlette Place across the street. Apperantly a Lot Lizard (prostitute at Truck Stops) held a trucker at gun point (at the Mr. Fuel) when he didn't pay for his services she had preformed and stole all his money and some electronics. As soon as she drove off he got on his CB radio and asked other truckers to see where she went while he called the cops. She was a big idiot and she and her pimp when across the street to the Pilot to get gas where Stanley had parked his semi. Some truckers heard this on the CB radios and two truckers used their bobtail semis (w/o trailers) to block the entrance so the Lot Lizard could not leave before the cops came. When I arrived there were at least 8 cop cars, 2 news vans, and the COPS TV show van. Her car was wrecked after she tried to run into one of the semi's and she was hand cuffed and on the ground along with her pimp. It was so funny to see a line of truckers on the sidewalk with their cameras and cell phones taking pictures of all this happening. Of course Stanley & I were talking to each other so neither of us got any pictures but I'm sure it will be on the Indy News tonight and we'll look for it on the COPS show too. Stanley heard that she had done this to several other truckers too and they had been looking for her. I am so glad she was caught!
Stanley better NEVER use a Lot Lizard for more reasons than just that happening.