Friday, August 28, 2009

Lucky # 7

Well Stanley and I officially going to TTC and I have been thinking about baby names a lot. Ok, who am I kidding? I think about baby names all the time. Especially with friends who have babies or who want babies. I think about my cousin Michael and his family and how all their kids initials spell something (William Owen W, Ryan Andrew W, and Luke Alexander W). Another cousin has Anthony, Brandon, and Cody - ABC. Then there is my friend Paul's family who are all named after names in the Bible.
Stanley mentioned liking the name Abigail and I have fallen in love with it. But how is that cool? Well it just occured to me while I was chatting with my friend Jennie that Stanley, Tiffany, William, & Abigail all have SEVEN letters. And we got married on 7-7-07!!! So now my plan is to name all our kids with 7 letters. It's not as obvious as ABC but I think it's still pretty awesome! So here are names we like and may very well use in the future:
Girl Names: Abigail, Madelyn, Isabela, Kristen, Whitney, Brianna, Nichole, Bethany, Chelsey, Allison (I love that name but we wouldn't use it because Allie Allen would be mean!)
Boy Names: Zachary, Garrett, Matthew, Cameron, Patrick, Tristan, Spencer, Gabriel, Michael, Brendan

Let me know if you can think of any other good names that have 7 letters. I tend to typically like names that can be shortened to nick names like Abbie or Zach.

Keep us in your prayers that God will give us a baby when we're ready for one! We'll definitly have fun trying! :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's been almost a year since I've blogged.....

So I've been totally slacking in my blogging and I hope to do better. I'll give you a quick recap of what's happened in our life since September 2008.

*In November Stanley got laid off from his job at Wabash National (they laid off everyone with less than 12 years experience!)
*I got a job with a temp agency working as a bus monitor/classroom sub at Head Start a week after Stanley lost his job

*Will began crawling very early at 5 months old

*Stanley looked for jobs and the only one he could find was becoming a truck driver and he got his CDL in Feb. 2009.

*Will took swim lessons at the YMCA and loved it!

*I helped him to get his CDL and they were hiring a bus driver at Head Start so I decided to apply for the job and get my own CDL. I finally got mine in March.
*Stanley finally began driving solo in April and while he was gone I water damaged my phone due to crying because I missed him so much
*I got to spend the whole summer off and spend time with Will. We went to St. Louis in June for Robyn's wedding and ended up staying for 5 weeks!
*Stanley and I celebrated our 2cd wedding anniversary together! He was going thru St. Louis and I got to meet up with him and enjoy cupcakes and a little time alone with my husband.

*Will had his first birthday party on July 19th in Lafayette, which Stanley got to come home for!!!

*Will had another first birthday party on July 25th in St. Louis

*We found Donald a new home with two adorable little boys that will really love him
*My mom and sister got to go be with David on his naval ship for 2 days while my dad, Will, and I drove to Virginia to meet the ship and be there when David came home from the Persian Gulf
*We spent a few days in Norfolk, VA and then went to visit Washington DC and Annapolis, MD.

Currently I have started up back at work. It's been a very hard transistion for both Will and I after being together all summer. I do love my work and the people I work with but I miss spending so much time with him. I can only imagine how hard it is for Stanley to only be able to come home once a month to see his son. But at least he has a job and that's hard to get in this horrible economy. I just have to remember that God will only give us what we can handle.