Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2 funerals and the death of a car

On Sept 17, 2009 Stanley's great grandma Georgia Pugh died. She lived a long life and was in her mid 90's. A few days before she passed away our friend Rachel's grandpa also died. Grandma Georgie's funeral was on Saturday and Rachel's grandpa's fuenral viewing was on Sunday so it worked out where we could go to both.

I was very worried that Stanley wouldn't make it home in time to go to the funeral but he did! We weren't able to go to Grandma Georgie's viewing but we were scheduled to go the funeral on time and when we were almost there we got a phone call from my sister in law, Martha. Their car had died about half an hour away from the funeral location. Stanley & Martha's mom was able to have a friend go and pick up Martha & 2 of the kids to make it in time for the funeral but they didn't have room for Radek and Christian. I dropped Stanley & Will off at the nursing home where the funeral was and went to pick up Radek & Christian. It was more important for Stanley and Martha to be there for their great grandma's funeral. Radek, Christian, and I made it only 10 minutes late, which isn't too bad at all. We were able to go to the graveyard. I am so thankful that Rachel came to the funeral too because when Will got fussy she was able to take him out so he wouldn't disturb anyone else.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend was seeing the twins Ethan & Dallas again. They are finally taller than me, which I knew would happen sooner than later. They also made me so proud because they know tons of baseball stats, probably more than I know! I was also excited because I could tell them apart! (Dallas is on the right & Ethan is on the left in the picture of both of them) They were both so good with Will too and played with him and gave him his first popsicle. He definitly loves them and they love him! Hopefully we'll get to see them more often then just weddings & funerals.

On Saturday night Radek borrowed our car to take his family home and then brought the car back to us and then we would drive him home that night. So he got to tag along with us to Rachel's grandpa's viewing. We thought it started at 11 but it didn't actually start until 2 so we killed some time by having fun at the park. Even Stanley & Radek had fun by playing on the teeter totter!

I will end this by saying it was very good to see family. There was a lot less tension this time then there was at Janna & Terry's wedding. I hope this means we can actually be a family again and put the past behind us. It was neat that we were able to take a 5 generation picture with Will's great great grandma Betty, great grandma Sharon, grandma Sheila, Stanley and Will.

It was also nice that I got 3 days PAID off for grievance so I was able to spend more time with Stanley alone! (We paid for the babysitter already so we took him and had a much needed date day!)

Friday, September 11, 2009

I can't believe it's been 8 years since 9-11-01

8 years ago today marked a day in history that no one will ever forget. I remember walking into the Blair-Shannon Cafeteria and seeing a ton of people huddled over the TV in the lobby of Blair. I wondered what was going on but went ahead to the cafeteria and got biscuits and gravy for breakfast and sat down in the TV room to see what was going on. As I sat there I watched the second plane hit. I didn't even take a bite of my breakfast. The girl at the next table was crying because she had family in New York. I was just in shock. I remember walking to my psychology class and the teacher had left a note on the door saying class had been cancelled and to spend time with loved onces and be sure to watch CNN. I went back to my dorm room and sat on the couch with my suite mates Heidi & Darci and we just watched TV all day and cried and called our love ones. I personally didn't know anyone in the towers but I still get chills everytime I watch a program on TV about it or think about what happened that day.

I thank all those people who gave their lives to try to save people and that day will never be forgotten!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

An old fashioned movie of my favorite pics of Will's first year!

Dear Will

Dear Will,

You are now 13 months old and I have no idea where the time went! I can't imagine life without you and what I did with my time or money. Whenever I buy anything I usually have you in mind. It's amazing how life changes when one tiny little boy enters a family.
You made your dad and I a family! I wish daddy could be around more and watch you grow up but he's doing what is best for us at the moment. Hopefully someday soon he'll find a job at home. I don't see a lot of Stanley in your physical looks but I see a lot of him in you in your actions and smiles. You are onery just like him! I hope you're just as handy around the house too. I'm sure he can teach you. He loves you so much and I am thankful for picture mail on cell phones so I can send him pictures of you.
We just got off the phone with daddy, actually. When I put the phone up to your ear you tried to show him your ball and said ball probably eight times in a row. You love balls! You have an arm on you too! Maybe you'll make mommy proud and become a baseball player. But if you want to play basketball or soccer that's okay too. I want to take on the philosophy that my mom took with her kids and that we had to be active in something but we could chose it. I wouldn't mind if you wanted to be a gymnast but I know daddy wouldn't be to happy with that.
I also talked to Colleen tonight, Emily's mom. We are already planning for Halloween and we're going to go trick or treating in St. Charles with the White Family. She is going to let you wear Aaron's old Tigger costume! I bet you will look so cute! I wonder if you and Emily & Anna will be friends in the future or even in a relationship. It's crazy to think of you having a girlfriend but I'm sure you will have tons. I just hope I can help to raise you to be respectful of ladies and be a nice boy. (Unlike how your daddy was in high school. LOL)
Well you are actually getting clingy now so I am going to end this letter and put you to bed. So you know I still enjoy watching you sleep. You are absolutely perfect and I thank God everyday for you! I can't wait to make you a big brother!

Love always,


PS - Thank you to Kendra for the great idea to write letters to Will in my blog. I hope I can write several letters to him a few times a year!