Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's been almost a year since I've blogged.....

So I've been totally slacking in my blogging and I hope to do better. I'll give you a quick recap of what's happened in our life since September 2008.

*In November Stanley got laid off from his job at Wabash National (they laid off everyone with less than 12 years experience!)
*I got a job with a temp agency working as a bus monitor/classroom sub at Head Start a week after Stanley lost his job

*Will began crawling very early at 5 months old

*Stanley looked for jobs and the only one he could find was becoming a truck driver and he got his CDL in Feb. 2009.

*Will took swim lessons at the YMCA and loved it!

*I helped him to get his CDL and they were hiring a bus driver at Head Start so I decided to apply for the job and get my own CDL. I finally got mine in March.
*Stanley finally began driving solo in April and while he was gone I water damaged my phone due to crying because I missed him so much
*I got to spend the whole summer off and spend time with Will. We went to St. Louis in June for Robyn's wedding and ended up staying for 5 weeks!
*Stanley and I celebrated our 2cd wedding anniversary together! He was going thru St. Louis and I got to meet up with him and enjoy cupcakes and a little time alone with my husband.

*Will had his first birthday party on July 19th in Lafayette, which Stanley got to come home for!!!

*Will had another first birthday party on July 25th in St. Louis

*We found Donald a new home with two adorable little boys that will really love him
*My mom and sister got to go be with David on his naval ship for 2 days while my dad, Will, and I drove to Virginia to meet the ship and be there when David came home from the Persian Gulf
*We spent a few days in Norfolk, VA and then went to visit Washington DC and Annapolis, MD.

Currently I have started up back at work. It's been a very hard transistion for both Will and I after being together all summer. I do love my work and the people I work with but I miss spending so much time with him. I can only imagine how hard it is for Stanley to only be able to come home once a month to see his son. But at least he has a job and that's hard to get in this horrible economy. I just have to remember that God will only give us what we can handle.

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Kk said...

I am so glad u are blogging again...