Monday, September 15, 2008

Visit to St. Louis (September 2008)

I hadn't been to St. Louis since May so I decided to make up the lack of summer visits by staying for over a week and see people I hadn't seen in awhile. My brother David was turning 21 on August 31 so that was a big deal! Will hadn't met either one of his uncles so I was curious to see how they would react to a month old baby. Tom immediatly fell in love with Will! The only time I could hold my son was to change him or feed him. David was a little different. He was very nervous to hold Will and very careful. He loved him, I know, but was unsure about holding him. He kept saying "It's a real baby!"
There were a lot of friends who wanted to meet Will. They hadn't seen me in awhile but I knew I was "chop liver." They all wanted to meet my son, which was fine with me. I went to visit my friend Colleen, whose daughter Emily was born a week after Will was born! We have decided that Emily and Will are each others first girlfriend/boyfriend. They were so cute together!!!

My friend Sara also has a son named Josh, who is two years older than Will. He LOVED Will and kept calling him "my baby." Sara couldn't even take a turn holding Will because Josh would cry if someone took him away. It was so sweet!!

A lot of my childless friends couldn't wait to meet him and had experience with babies b/c of nephews, nieces, or working in schools. Jen and the out fit that she bought Will. I love how he is looking right at the camera. He finally learned to find mommy's voice! Robyn, Janel, and I went out to eat with Will. He was much better behaved then the little boy sitting at the table next to us! Janel is a baby pro now because of her niece and nephew. Robyn graduated with an early childhood degree so she's used to babies. I love how Will is giving her the peace sign!

Cecelia is a friend from elementry school who stopped by for a couple hours to talk. She said she complained to her husband later that he arm was sore from holding him the whole time but that she loved holding him. Maybe she and her husband will start a family soon! :)
Some other important people to meet Will were the older family members. He is not only the first grandchild but he is also the first great grandchild! Here is a picture from my grandpa's 90th birthday party with 4 generations!
My grandpa's girlfriend, Gini, also loved him. So did my Great uncle Bud. I love the smile on their faces when the hold Will!

Daddy planned on joining us in St. Louis for the second weekend (my grandpa's birthday) but he missed Will so much (and me a little) that he drove all the way to St. Louis for a day and a half instead of catching up on his sleep. I'm glad he loves his son so much! Will missed him too. Stanley has a way of holding him that doesn't look comfortable but they both seem to enjoy it.

Because we stayed so long we were able to stay for my dad's birthday (I won't say how old he was turning). My dad loves holding Will and he loves his grandpa. Here is a picture of my dad trying to rock him to sleep on his birthday.

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